Saturday, May 29, 2010

Moving On and Finding the Way

time passes by
and people move on
living lives that never cease moving forward

no backwards steps
just a one way ticket to the next step of their life
not many want to recognize this
even though they all live it

ignoring the facts of life,
gives so much freedom
lifts so much pressure

no fear of the future forcing itself upon them
no predictions necessary
just a present time and place to focus the mind on

finally the freedom to plan the future
even though there is no guarantee of what will come
daily routines done for a time

just the time of the present to relax in
and the quiet of reminiscence to calm them

embrace the idea that everything comes in time
but only live in the time that has already come
don't focus on what might come
that is unnecessary
they'll find they're own future
and they will embrace it

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