Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bonds and Love by Friends and Family

Friends among friends
The love of those whom have known each other for years

It’s amazing;
The subtleties that exist between those who are close
It extraordinary;
The connection that forms between people

The times seem too good to be true
And the beauty of the relationship often goes unnoticed
So when they finally disappear
There just doesn’t seem to be anything to fill the void that opens in the soul

Such a scary realization when a family member disappears
When they leave you in the world of mortality
There just doesn’t seem to be any drug to make the sadness go away
The broken heart can only heal over time

Family among family
It’s different the connection of those who were raised together
It’s beautiful and serene

No fights, no bouts of disrespectful words
Nothing can completely cover the feelings that exist
Or existed between brother and brother
Or mother and child
Or even husband and wife

The fate of those moments that showed what love was like
Was to create memories of what should exist between family, and friends
It is true beauty to create the bonds between people
A beauty that can be seen, felt, smelled, tasted, heard, and related to
Only the mortal world could be so simple,
As to believe in love and the bond between people

1 comment:

The Unknowngnome said...

"It is true beauty to create the bonds between people"

Yes, and with words expressed in beauty as these inked, friendships grow.