Sunday, September 21, 2008

Iraqy idiocy

Okay, so for all you democrats out there. Why do you want to pull our troops out of Iraq? Its a bit late for those kind of thoughts. Here's why. If we pull out the troops form Iraq we are leaving an entire country defenseless and either terrorists are going to take over again. Or Iraq is going to be completely overrun by another country and lose its entire way of life. I do agree that the war wasn't started off the right way. but its a bit late for us to be pulling out our soldiers. Besides, our soldiers know fully the risks that they are taking when they are sent over to Iraq. They may not have much choice in the matter of whether or not they want to go over there, but they're doing it to protect you. If you want to pull our soldiers out of Iraq and leave the country defenseless then your a idiot, but hey its your choice. By the way, you can call republicans war mongers and such all you want but its not going to change whats already been done. So democrats you can stop talking about ending this war early. We have to finish what we started otherwise it just ain't right.

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