Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pain Of Peace

In every time of peace there is also pain
In every hope there is a loss
The pain of peace is what brings
Us to the storm of everything that is
To make us who we are at the time we realize
That the pain of peace is what brings us
The trouble of loss and destruction
And worst of all death there is no way to
Find this out until you search your past
Only then will you realize the true
Meaning of which we make our true being
The best we can in a dark world
A world where the pain of peace
Can only reign as the true
Creator of a world of desolate realization
As a space beyond the universe
Where nothing exists
A pain of peace in which there is
No way to recover all you can do is bury what has happened as
A memory nothing more
Nothing less just
A pain of peace this world has
Between the rest of time
A pain of peace that can only
Be let loose in a world
That has no true hope for people
This is the way of life for those who
Become victims of pain in peace
A rift between the normal
And the disruption of all things loved
This is the pain of peace
This is the life of a great hatred built
Up from millions of people that can
No longer say that they are complete and whole
So that they are run by a half life
Torn between the world and
The one they have created for themselves
This is the pain of peace

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